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Fire’s ability to spread and to catch the heat at the wrong spot has caused some controversy since the 1920s. The issue is most often associated with the so-called “hockey” effect. The fact that a liquid or gas can cause significant flame transfer and create an intense inferno means that fire can create a “vacuous” appearance from a distance on the ground, according to New York City fire chief Bernard Kerik.

Fire-safety experts say some of the reasons why water can cause spray paint to “smear” is that it is not completely water-insoluble, which makes it more prone to evaporation and thus less likely to evaporate on the skin.
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Some paint makers use water to add a touch of “body” to their designs. Paint is also commonly painted with the application of a thick, glazed polymer layer, according to Fire and Rescue News. The polymer layer adds an additional layer of protection, which means that more paint particles are on the painting surface. The thinner the layer, the more “body” you feel when you look through the spray area. If you don’t like the fact that fire can splash around on spray paints, the polymer layer is a good alternative.

Other reasons why water can cause spray paint to “smear” include:

Spray paint is designed to be applied to a flat, matte surface, where water can’t get to it and it can sit on the surface.

When you spray paint on a flat surface, the paint will not get all the way to the canvas and back off, resulting in a smearing effect.

When you spray paint across a curved surface, or a curve, some of the paint on the outside gets absorbed by the curve before it reaches the back of the canvas.

Some spray paints work better across curved surfaces, while some work more smoothly across a flat surface, leading a “smattering” effect. This is especially true when you’re spraying on thin “silkscreen” lines.

When in doubt, try to avoid a spray job that involves a flat surface and the use of a spray gun or spray bottle, since you may not be able to spray out the whole amount on the surface.

While the concept behind spray-on paint “smearing” is not new, it has been an issue since the 1920s when fire officials used to warn of its potential dangers.

A 2009 video posted on YouTube by an artist in Germany

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