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October 21, 2020 0 Comments

(And what does rust mean?)

Rustoleum paint that has been sitting in your cabinet for years or even months will develop a rickety appearance when exposed to air. Over time, this process changes your painting from a rich, soft color to a dry, stiff, matte finish. Rust, and rusting, are both physical and chemical processes.

How does Rustoleum prevent rust?

Rust has many causes: lack of sunlight, lack of oxygen, poor surface preparation, and chemical oxidizations. The most common of these is air pollution: smoke and exhaust. Rust itself is also made up of hydrogen, oxygen, and other volatile organic compounds, which cause oxidation when mixed in the air, and the air itself is full of these volatile organic compounds, including sulfates, nitrogen oxides, and ammonia.

In spite of this, we maintain a high level of coverage, both indoors and outdoors. This protection comes primarily from a high water holding capacity. When air, water, and rust combine, it forms a protective layer of chemicals that reduces rust.

When rust does occur, this can be prevented by careful treatment. Our Rustoleum Rustoleum Paint Blocks are water-based and will form a thin, protective layer that will prevent rust for over a month. These paint blocks are perfect for preventing and treating old paint damage that requires professional cleaning and waxing.

In addition, Rustoleum Rustoleum Paint Blocks can significantly reduce the risk of rust buildup in your old, uncoated paint. If a new coat of paint is still exposed to air, the paint should be treated with rust reducing chemicals to improve the protection and appearance of it.

How easy is it to apply, and remove?

The rustoleum Rustoleum Paint Blocks are easy to remove, in case you’ve accidentally left them on the surface the wrong way around. The paint is designed to be completely removed with no tools. It can be applied at a rate of 200 to 300 strokes per square foot, and is designed to adhere to most surfaces with ease.

Why should I have Rustoleum Rustoleum Paint Blocks on my home?

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Rust causes great physical, chemical, and cosmetic damage, so it can be an inconvenience if you have a wall of rust in your home. Rustolum is a very high level of protection, protecting your existing paint while greatly improving the appearance of your new painted walls.

How do I know if Rustoleum Rust

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