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It is not known whether it is a direct cause of weight loss in type II diabetics; however, there might be a direct effect of anemia. As in the case of diabetes, there are many variables that might influence anemia-induced weight loss (Klein et al. 1991a,b). Most important are the effects of diet and lifestyle on lipids and lipoproteins, the use of statins and angiotensin II receptor antagonists, the amount of physical activity, and the duration of the anemia. However, it has been reported that anemia-induced weight loss may be due to a combination of genetic factors and a combination of diet and lifestyle (Von Muhlman et al. 1989). In addition, it has been reported that there are many variables that can influence the incidence of anemia and can explain the observed variability in weight loss induced by anemia (Klein et al. 1991a,b). For example, there is the possibility that anemia might trigger the weight loss effect. Anemia also might have an influence on energy intake, the amount and type of food consumed, and physical activity. Moreover, it has been suggested that certain foods have an effect on weight loss, especially those that stimulate insulin secretion (Schneider et al. 1990). Other variables could interact with anemia to influence weight loss in type II diabetics, for example, low levels of total daily calories, the use of artificial sweeteners in beverages, and the presence of high-glycemic index high-carbohydrate foods. These factors could then increase the risk of weight loss and increase the incidence of anemia. Therefore, an effect of anemia on appetite and the degree and type of exercise that diabetics engage in is of great importance.

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Type II diabetics may be at an increased risk for anemia-related weight loss. These patients also are at higher risk for developing anemia and are more prone to developing atherosclerosis. Because they are often overweight, they are very likely to be at risk for having lower than normal concentrations of cholesterol circulating in their blood, a risk factor for stroke and heart attack. Moreover, anemia appears to be an extremely prominent marker of diabetes and may be difficult to measure, and therefore difficult to diagnose. Type II diabetes is characterized by an increase in serum triglycerides. These risk factors have been shown to be associated with decreased weight loss in type II diabetics (Klein et al. 1991a,b). Thus

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