Can anemia cause weight loss? – Printable Meal Plans For Weight Loss

October 30, 2020 0 Comments

Weight loss due to anemia depends on the type of anemia. Type A is often associated with obesity and hypercholesterolemia, but does not commonly cause significant weight loss. Type B is the most common cause of weight loss due to anemia, though it may also cause a drop in body weight. Because Type A anemia usually does not cause weight loss, diet and lifestyle changes are often needed to prevent weight loss.

Does anemia cause diabetes?

Yes. Most anemias are found in people with diabetes. Anemia may also be linked to metabolic diseases, however, and it is unknown if anemia may be associated with metabolic abnormalities associated with type 2 diabetes.

Is anemia an effective treatment?

Yes. Anemia can be treated successfully, but certain diseases and medications may also be indicated, and the timing and magnitude of the treatment may be different from one patient to the next. The treatment used should generally be considered as an alternative to surgery.

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