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September 16, 2020 0 Comments

This is a classic no-brainer, right? It is. However, you may be wondering: Do a lot of people drink a lot of water? Is it good for you?

No. If you are a normal weight, eating 2-4 glasses of water per day is good for you. This is because when you drink water, you expel excess water through your feces (you are shedding water). In fact, studies have shown that drinking 2-3 glasses of water per day will help you lose more weight, not less.

However, drinking 1-2 glasses of water per day will make you feel full (and therefore eat less) for up to 60 min, and that’s about the time you are still digesting food. So don’t expect to gain extra weight, unless your diet is poor and you are a little overfed. (So your body just wastes water as a way of saying thanks. But I digress…)

Can drinking water make you more attractive to other people?

Yes, if you take the average weight of people in your life. This is a tricky question but a scientific one of which you are very likely not very good at answering. Some years ago, a study published in The Journal of Social Psychology showed that males over the age of 40 have a very reduced testosterone (lowest in female members).
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Therefore, there is nothing in your daily diet that will be beneficial to your height. And if you don’t use your own fat, your metabolism will become slower. There is also the fact that, although your body mass index (BMI) does reflect your height, weight and gender, it doesn’t measure your body fat percentage. So you won’t be able to tell your BMI from your body fat percentage.

Can drinking water help you lose fat?

Yes, if you consume plenty of water daily. A study done in The Lancet showed that people who drank less than 2 glasses of water per day were more likely to gain weight. However, as a caveat, drinking only 2 glasses of water will not be sufficient.

This is because, even when the weight gain happens, you will be having a low calorie meal or maybe you will be trying to exercise so you will only lose water. So drink lots of water and exercise regularly to gain weight.

Can drinking water help you lose fat?

Yes! Drinking water may help you lose fat in certain circumstances. Unfortunately most studies in this category looked only at short term

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