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November 19, 2020 0 Comments

Most of the studies in the PubMed database do not prove the issue. However, a couple of authors used meta-analyses to suggest that if the question of lemon water vs. other noncitrus beverages is answered in one study, then there should be no differences.

The meta-analysis by D. D. Graham and J. D. Tarnopolsky of 13 randomized clinical trials found:

The results for lemon water were generally similar to the results for regular soft drink soft drinks. We found 1 randomized trial with 2178 subjects and 1 placebo-controlled trial with 1828 subjects of which 2 studies involved subjects consuming either lemon water or regular soda. In the 2 studies using lemon water, the authors reported that 2 studies found a lower incidence of the metabolic endotoxemia. In the other study, the authors concluded that the effect of lemon water had been similar to that of regular soft drink soft drinks. Lemon water did not change the concentrations of low dense lipoprotein, high density lipoprotein or triglycerides.

The authors of the pooled study by A. Stouffer and L. H. Stouffer of the International Diabetes Federation, which was published in 2002, found that:

Lemon water has no metabolic effects comparable with those of cola soft drinks, and it is of little or no physiological importance. It is not recommended that you replace soda either for the day or for the week.

On the other hand, two meta-analyses of the effects of lemon water in subjects with overweight or obesity found:

The findings of each of the meta-analyses were similar to those with the other noncitrus sodas, except that the results for sucrose vs. sucralose were somewhat more favorable. The fructose effects of lemon water were slightly stronger compared to that of other noncitrus sodas. The fructose effects of the lemon water vs. sucrose comparisons were not significant. Overall, the results for lemon water are similar to those for the other noncitrus sodas.

This evidence is in agreement with the results of the current study that found that the noncitrus soft drinks were no different than sucrose or other noncitrus soft drinks in terms of their effects on abdominal fat or waist circumference. The study used the noncitrus sodas, but the results were similar for the noncitrus soft drink compared to sucrose.

In summary, the scientific evidence does not demonstrate that lemon water causes abdominal fat gain in

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