Does water fasting slow metabolism? – Best Free Weight Loss Programs

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Yes. On an average, the metabolic rate goes down by more than 25 percent. Most of this drop is attributed to protein consumption. When your body burns protein, more than 50 percent of the energy for your body comes from carbohydrates — the same as if you were eating more fat. You need to eat protein.

Does water fasting slow cholesterol?

Yes. In a study on 673 participants, researchers showed that people with higher baseline blood cholesterol who fasted lost an average of 2.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. Water-free diets are not without benefits, such as weight loss and blood sugar reductions. But water fasting may also increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

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A new website is launching tomorrow (Sunday, 16 November) with information and advice on how to use the internet safely from a doctor with 14 years experience.

The new National Internet Safety Foundation website provides information and advice including:

Guidance for web users

Information on what to do if you believe they have been the victim of cyber bullying
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Information on where to get help before a cyber attack hits

Information on how to report cyber crime

There are many ways someone can get connected to a website or other online source that is harmful to them, including by making a complaint, or asking for advice online such as an online support panel or counselling service.

For information on what to do if you believe you have been the victim of a cyber attack, contact the NSSF:

Cyber Victim Support

Telephone 1800 1805 888 (in Western Australia) or 1800 111 864 (all other parts of Australia)


The cyber safety campaign started in 2008 and is now focused on addressing the threats posed to internet users from cyber harassment, revenge porn, cyber bullying, and child exploitation.

The project also involves partners from WA’s Internet Safety Authority, Federal Police, Child Support Agency, the Law Department, Legal Aid and the WA Government.

“He can’t get anything across, but he can get a lot done.” —John McEnroe to his staff in 1967 describing the late Ted Hughes

John McGraw, known to America as Ted Stevens, was America’s foremost expert on the effects of government, even at a time when the public was increasingly skeptical of its motives, and when government itself was

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