Does water fasting slow metabolism? – Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Free

October 17, 2020 0 Comments

Yes. There is even evidence to suggest that water fasting can improve overall body weight and metabolism.

It helps:

– Metabolism

– Fatigue

– Stress

– Lower blood pressure

– Lower triglycerides

– Metabolize glucose more efficiently

– Lower risk of heart disease and other metabolic disorders

How long does it last?

I would say one month at the most. It can last a month or two. The best recommendation I can give is that you will find no discernable difference for 1-3 days of regular water fasting. At some point though you are going to find it helpful at least 3-6 weeks out. There is one exception and you need to use it properly.

Remember this is for people who have been on a calorie and protein high fat, low carb diet who are overweight so that they need an extremely low calorie diet at the start. Also, if you are not on insulin then you will have to do a different diet as well. This diet is not for everyone.

A better recommendation I would give is that you should start with 3-4 days, then move to more frequent days as your body adapts and becomes more flexible and changes. This will probably happen over time. There is some research that shows that one day a day at the right calorie level can significantly affect your body’s appetite and weight, so it gets easier to add more days.

When should I avoid water fasting?

If you are not having any problems with your weight or health then you are not going to need to, since you will be fasting for about 1 month or so. I do recommend the water fasting method as the first step if you are dealing with weight gain or insulin resistance.

If you are not dealing with any of those problems but still have insulin resistance at the same time, then it is better to have this done and then gradually increasing your caloric intake. Then you can look at the other methods in the section of the article if you want to see them as well.

I also recommend doing a diet with intermittent fasting and then the alternate day fasting. I will discuss this later and how exactly it applies to water fasting and alternate day fasting.

What if I can’t find the time for IFT

I would recommend that you try the water fasting method first and decide after some time with either IFT or IBT or a combination of those methods. If IFT or

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