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You may never have the physique of your gym-goer counterpart, but as the name implies, fast weight-loss means being able to drop and maintain body fat at an incredibly fast pace. Fast weight-loss is also easy to achieve, making it an excellent technique for those with lower levels of fitness, and those who are struggling with weight loss on their own.

The following three exercises are ideal to boost your metabolism, while also making gaining weight a snap.

1. Drop Weight With Muscle

The first technique uses a simple but effective weight-loss cycle as the basis. A small amount of food that seems too large to eat is converted into muscle-building carbohydrates when it’s dropped. It’s like a very low calorie diet.

It’s easy to do, and the calories you consume are mostly from vegetables, nuts, protein and water, rather than from junk food and sweets. As soon as your energy intake peaks, you can start to drop pounds. It took me 2 years, but finally I am going down to 15lbs!

After a week, your diet is now lower in carbohydrates, but still has around 20% protein in it, making your body feel full. Once weight-loss is done, your energy-diet stays around 20%, but you’ll still be very hungry.

When I was first losing weight from 18 to 19, I dropped 3.5kg and then 2kg, which was about 100lbs, in 2 days. My diet was also relatively high in carbs, at around 40% of energy intake.

So, what we’re doing here is taking the lower calories and eating them to build muscle, and then eating less of the higher calorie stuff – protein and carbs – so the body can maintain your weight over time, making it easier to maintain a healthier weight loss.

2. Drop Weight With Fat

The second technique is a more effective alternative for those who want fat loss more than a lean muscle-building routine. By getting rid of excess fat (fat doesn’t need to be ‘lost’ first as it will be reabsorbed by our muscles in the process of fat loss), you’ll become able to drop weight and keep it, which makes weight loss easier and more successful.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about a lean back when you lose weight, and can have a little fat to work with in case your thighs start shrinking.

It takes around 2 weeks for my body

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