How can I lose face fat? – Food List For Weight Loss Women

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If you plan to lose fat, make a habit of cutting out sugar sweetened soft drinks (and any other caloric fattening drinks), as well as eating healthy fatty foods such as poultry, fish and meat (and nuts). You can increase your calorie intake by making a healthy change to your diet.

How much sodium does alcohol have?

The average adult consumes about 3,000mg of alcohol a day. The recommended amount for a 75 kg (150 lb.) adult is 2,000 mg of alcohol in a 24 hour period (approximately 10 drinks). The US Department of Health recommends that adults consume no more than 2 standard glasses (approximately 15 beers), 2 standard glasses (approximately 14 cocktails) or 5 standard glasses (approximately 7 cocktails) of alcohol per day. The US Department of Agriculture recommends 1 standard glass (approximately 5 glasses) for a healthy adult.

Why are alcohol and soda so addictive?

Alcohol increases the release of stress hormones in the brain. Research is still being done to understand the neurosteroid effect of alcohol and how that affects your mental health, but in short the more you drink the more of that stress hormone is released. This can cause serious psychological problems.

Soda has similar effects on the brain and heart. The major difference between alcohol and soda is that alcohol contains a naturally occurring poison. Soda does not. For this reason, soda is thought to be less rewarding to your brain and body than alcohol. It is true that drinking any amount of alcohol increases the amount of sugar in your saliva but this means the calories in those calories are not being used for energy.

What should I eat before I exercise?

Before you exercise, be sure you are sufficiently hydrated to ensure optimal results. Alcohol and caffeine can cause dehydration, making it extremely difficult to exercise when you are drinking too much alcohol.

Foods you should not eat before exercising include:

Steadfast bread (white bread, rye bread, whole wheat bread, muesli bread)

Brown or whole grain pasta



Ice cream


Dairy or highfat foods such as eggs, butter, cream, cheese, dairy milk or cheese sauce.

Dietary Supplements

You can improve your exercise performance with the aid of some dietary supplements that are known to enhance brain function.

Protein supplements include leucine, L-arginine, creatine (

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