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The trick is finding and maintaining the right training program and meal plans that get you the most fat fast. This will work best if you’re doing the right kind of training and eating the right kind of food.

When you’re eating your fat, make sure you eat the right fats. Choose unsaturated fats including olive, canola, and peanut oil or plant-based fats such as fish, nuts, legumes, and seeds. (Learn more more about specific fats here) Be careful not to add sugar to your fat because it’s a dangerous compound that can boost inflammation, insulin, and lead to the risk of heart disease.

Avoid refined sugar – especially white sugar (table sugar) – to avoid fat gaining. Try one cup of fruit, one cup of sugar-free cereal, a scoop of peanut butter, or granola bar instead of a sugary snack.

You can get the same results by following the Paleo diet. Start by cutting out grains, legumes, and some sugar from your diet and build it up from there.

What should I wear while training?

Train with the right pants. Not a tight, baggy, sweat pants of the typical powerlifting type. These need to be stretchy (it’s a tight fit) and have a bit of room where the knees are, as they should be during squats and deadlifts. Your pants should also be adjustable as your core and arms will be getting really tight while squatting.

Wrap them up with some compression to keep the top of your body from burning. If using the squat rack, the bar, and bar straps will also help to prevent overheating.

If you’re training with the deadlift rack, the straps and gear will help to keep the weight from spinning the bar around as well. These will also help keep you from wearing tight binder clips.

I’ve lost 30% of my face fat!

This is called sarcopenia and it isn’t really that bad! Even on just 6.8 kg of weight at an easy pace, you can do some pretty incredible things with your face. Try to do a good squat without trying to go for the big rep, and avoid a lot of body weight exercises.
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You should also avoid the following exercises –

Pullups (only done for 10 reps each side): Your entire body has to work for 10 reps for each side. You’ve got to work as hard as you can while maintaining

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