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Many people think we’re so dumb if we go without food, but that doesn’t make being fat bad… you just need to learn the correct methods to lose that fat. Just focus on eating a healthy diet that includes lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and healthy fats – like coconut oil, nuts, and seeds. And take care about your health by getting rid of all the nasty toxins that are in your body.

Learn how to lose weight and improve your health with this guide. Get our free guide to losing body fat.

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An Australian police officer has been praised by MPs on the House of Lords for the way he carried out his job in court.

Photo: AP

Officers from Victoria Police were patrolling a street in London last year when a man in a hat climbed over the curb.

The officer was on duty, which he said was normal.

“I walked over, the man said ‘Oh, hello to you, I’m a policeman’,” he said.

“And he said ‘Do what you do, what you did was good’.”

Photo: AP

After a short conversation with a member of the public, the officer stopped the suspect and arrested him.

Photo: AP

“I said ‘Oh, this is quite a strange case to be having to arrest one out of about 500 people’,” said the officer.

“He was very polite and quite respectful, he was in that very, ‘Here’s where you need to put your head’.”

“Now I’ll get him off the street and then he’ll get away and he won’t be involved for at least six months.”

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But that is where the police officer’s career took a nasty turn.

“So I came out of his house – about 15 minutes later I saw two police cars pulled up alongside him,” he said.

“I said, ‘Well, I don’t have a phone with me.’ I said ‘I’m just here just checking on the case.'”

The officer and a fellow officer ran to inform the woman who witnessed the incident, which took place just yards from an Islamic centre.

“They said, ‘Oh my goodness, it’s an IS flag,’

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