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“Dancing with the Stars” is the most-watched reality show on television. “I am so proud of this, and I feel like I’m a genius to be able to do it. It’s a whole different level of amazing,” star Cynthia Bailey told “CBS This Morning’ Charlie Rose.

Bailey was speaking to Rose about her new book about her career and the show, “The Life-Changing Magic of Reality TV.” The book tells the story of how the “Dancing With the Stars” star made it to the first season despite being rejected by the show’s producers.

Bailey was once a “Dancing With the Stars” regular who was eliminated and later replaced. But “once our producers read the audition tape they really liked me, they told us they wanted us to audition again,” the former reality star said.

She is among the eight “Dancing with the Stars” finalists (called contestants) that make it all the way to the show’s fifth season, with the finalists getting $200,000.

The other five contestants are:

Amber Burrell — the only “Dancing With the Stars” regular contestant in the cast.

Sofia Vergara — the first Latina to compete in the show along with a male “Dancing With the Stars” contestant, John Travolta.

Jennifer Iskenderian — the first black to compete in the show.

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Cynthia Bailey — the first female to compete.

Minka Kelly — the second female to compete.

Cody Knapp — the third contestant.

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Alyssa Colby, who has played a female contestant on the “Dancing With the Stars,” described the experience:

“I had never, in my entire life, been onstage. It was the only time I’d been on a reality show at that point in my life. So, it can be a lot of different things, but in my case it was just me and this beautiful person, and it’s going so well, and I’m not embarrassed as a performer by going on a show like that,” Colby told “The Early Show” on Tuesday.

Asked how she got onto the show, Colby responded, “Well you just go out there and prove yourself and you don’t always get there but I’ve come in here with everything I’ve got to do.”

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