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How can I increase my muscle growth?

How does strength training affect my physique?

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How does strength training improve my body composition?

How important is nutrition to fitness?

How is getting started in bodybuilding, bulking, ect?

When should I stop gaining weight?

What workout routine makes me more muscular?

Should I cut my weekly training session?

Should I lose more weight?

What size clothes do you like to wear?

Should I eat more food?

Does muscle growth go away after my workout?

What about cardio?

Should I lift heavier weight?

What is my goals with bodybuilding?

Will I look better if I lose up to 5 lbs?

My goals are “a lot of muscle for the first 18 months”

A group of former Republican leaders has joined the chorus of Democrats protesting President Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, with two leading advocates of a strong agreement saying they won’t back up the new administration’s stance.

The group, which includes several former House and Senate leaders, said the nation’s top business leaders were too worried about the costs of international climate change, and Trump didn’t have the negotiating authority to withdraw.

“We recognize the importance to the nation of a successful outcome at the Paris summit, and we’re concerned about the uncertainty associated there,” Sen. Pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican who retired from the Senate in January, said in a statement of support on Friday. Roberts told reporters that he and some former staffers who have worked to advance a strong agreement are now advocating for withdrawal.

The decision to scrap the pact, announced Friday, is Trump’s first major withdrawal from a historic global agreement aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions after years of negotiation and debate. The move is a major shift from more than two decades of Obama administration policy and promises to set back climate diplomacy and climate action globally.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the United States and China are still working toward reaching a bilateral climate accord in 2018. On Saturday in Pennsylvania on the first day of the annual G-7 summit, Trump said a U.S. withdrawal from the Paris accord “would be very disruptive” and could “put the entire economy at risk.”

But environmentalists fear that the White House’s decision will harm the world’s effort to combat climate change, as other nations prepare for a global summit in China

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