How do I stop eating at night to lose weight? – Diet Or Exercise

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How can I eat without starving myself? How can I eat in the morning without feeling so stuffed that I have no more energy for my day? And, what should I do when my body suddenly turns to a lean, happy, and happy-looking woman that I cannot stop staring at even while I’m at work?

The answer is not as simple as you might think! In fact, this is something that everyone struggles with at some point.

A Brief History of Eating at Night

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It is hard to believe now – but that was the state of eating back then! Back then, eating at night was just as common as eating during the day.

In fact, a popular article from 1851 in The Economist, entitled “A New Way of Eating,” states that “the general opinion, as reflected in all the literature concerning food and diet, is to eat at night. If you are a woman, it is the custom that your breakfast is served at a certain hour, and your dinner at some other.”

As a result of having a limited morning and evening food supply, humans were eating at night from a young age.

It was widely believed that this new form of eating would make them live longer and live healthier. Some believed that it could even bring about a greater variety to diet choices, because at night you didn’t have to look for “the thing” to eat; they were just there. Some even recommended feeding your body so many “liquor-free” foods that they’d never find anything else.

That’s just a bit of history – it’s not even very relevant to this post though!

Even today, eating at night is a fairly common practice. In fact, according to a study done by the Eating At Night Foundation, it was one of the top three habits reported by respondents.

The most common meal of the night was made up of chicken breast, fish, pizza, and a little cottage cheese.

How I Changed Everything About MY Life

So now, you may have read about my struggles to stop eating at night before… Well I came up with a pretty good and simple solution… I changed everything about my life!!!

After all, if you can’t get rid of your hunger signals, then how can you get rid of the bad habits of overeating and weight gain?

So here it is…

Eat at Night!

For one thing, you’ll enjoy it even more! Not only

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