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September 12, 2020 0 Comments

Use a mirror – the first step to good night vision.

You can look in any direction of your mirror, but I prefer to use one with the light on it, and move between the different positions if I feel there’s someone staring at me.

Here are three quick tips to get you started.

1) You have to understand the difference between the two types of visual impairments. One is the kind known as ‘optical dysplasia’, which means that the normal lens in your eye has problems. This is the common problem that affects over 80% of us. The other type of vision is called ‘hyperopia’, and is also the more common vision deficiency. It causes different problems in different people, but they are all common.

Many people are born with poor acuity, and are affected by problems with the optical system that help us read and remember text. In my case, it’s because my sight is much worse than it would otherwise be (and is only improving slightly) because I lost my right eye when I was in early childhood, before I can see what I have learned to see. My left sight was much improved – it’s just how my eyes work, and how they react to light. If I were not affected so badly, I would not need a mirror. My left eye is still good enough to work effectively. And my right eye, however, can not see at all with my glasses, so this is what the mirror does: it lets my sight return to normal at least temporarily.

Both of these kinds of vision deficiencies are very common. If you’ve never felt you lost sight in your eyes, or you’ve seen one and it looked worse than you remembered, think about the way vision works. Your eyes are basically two separate and working eyes, looking at the world different ways each with their own optical systems. We have to move our vision through space constantly to try to see well enough, and it’s the way our bodies work that can be damaged over time. At night, when you can no longer see far, you’re losing some of that vision.

Now, I’ve written before about how ‘night vision aids’ are used to treat this kind of vision deficiency in ‘obese’ women at the clinic, but this is more applicable to those with a low vision (this is just the difference between the two types of vision deficiency mentioned above).

Try not to look into the mirror. This makes you feel really good, but you

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