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If you’ve been following a low-carb diet for a while, you know that you usually lose a lot of fat on the lower part of your body, such as in the legs and thighs. In most of them you may see your fat burning up right away. But this is usually not the case for all the muscles of your body and especially for the muscle on your thigh. These are the “core muscles” and they’re the most important thing you want to lose if you need the most fat loss and you know precisely how. They’re just not as visible or as active as the higher muscle (saddle) muscles, in my opinion.

As I’ve mentioned above the body usually uses glycogen sparingly in the lower parts of the body. On the “core muscles” it can be up to 10 percent of glycogen stores and it doesn’t use so much as much glucose from the blood.

Losing muscle core muscles

So the simple solution is to not have them!

That’s actually one reason why you might experience muscle pain or weakness. The muscle muscles are pretty heavy, so if they’re not being used, they lose weight quickly and they do so at a very high rate. (I’ll talk more about the importance of muscle core muscles in a moment.)

What to do

Do I have the muscle core muscles?

Of course, even if you’re following a low-carb diet, you won’t lose any of the “core muscles” (the muscles of your upper thighs and thighs). This applies to guys and gals of all different body types. But you’re right: Your “core muscles” make a big difference. You need them to run fast, jump high and jump with a lot of power. There is the “core” part; however, you also tend to lose these muscles in those cases where your fat loss has been slowed or even not occurred.

So how do you start losing the “core muscles”? A good starting point would be to try to build strength in the lower body through regular strength workouts. Strong muscles also have much more blood circulation, so they’re easier to burn. One of the things you can do to build strength on the lower body is to do low-impact exercises like crunches. The key is to take care of your core muscles. Your training may not produce any gains, but it will strengthen your core muscles.

Other exercises I recommend

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