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November 6, 2020 0 Comments

Most overweight people maintain a healthy weight for a long time. A new study reveals that it takes about two years of trying to lose weight to lose your belly fat.

Obesity research expert Dr. Michael J. Siegel of the University of New Hampshire explains that “a healthy person is more likely to retain fat than to shed fat.”

Dr. Siegel explained that weight loss is the body responding to the stress of living more like an overweight person — namely, sitting all day and watching television. Obesity, in turn, requires an endocrine body system to burn more calories, leading to metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

“There are people that have low insulin sensitivity who lose weight, but they have not lost the weight because they are also at risk for insulin resistance, which could lead to a heart attack.”

Dr. Siegel says that obese people tend not to sweat very much because they are forced to work at their current weight and need a certain level of exercise to stay at their previous weight.

“The body knows when you’re at your peak weight and that is not very helpful to have your belly show,” he says.

Dr. Siegel also said that most people have a body composition that is not optimal and if this fat is on the inside it becomes even more problematic for the body to maintain proper metabolic function.

“The belly fat has a lot of work to do for the body as well as it does for the individual, so we can lose as much as we want, but we really don’t lose as much as we want to be fat, and that’s not good for our metabolic health,” Dr. Siegel says.

Although the exact mechanisms behind weight gain in humans are unclear, obesity experts like Dr. Siegel believe that when fat cells are constantly exposed to a higher caloric load, fat cells that have been built over the years have less storage capacity to store excess energy.

But how do people lose belly fat?

Experts recommend losing as much as 2% of body weight every week for about one month.

“If you do a 6-week weight loss program, you will lose up to 4.5% of your body weight,” says Dr. Siegel. “But losing weight in 2-3 months from a year of starvation, just like losing fat is difficult, losing belly fat should be no challenge at all.”

Most of the weight loss in losing belly fat occurs at first while dieting, when the

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