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December 3, 2020 0 Comments

The diet below will lose weight only if you eat 800 calories or less, according to The New York Times. (You may or may not be able to eat that much if you’re overweight, at the other extreme, and/or just have a hard time cutting calories for whatever reason.)

Eating 1200 calories a day might still make you feel hungry.

Will I need a meal?

The meal of choice is the first one, or a snack.

How many days will the diet be up and running?

After your first month, adjust the time between meals.

Will I be hungry between meals? Is one of my friends also eating 1200?

The FBI has said it was investigating a Russian attempt to hack the email of current Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), who chairs the intelligence committee.

“While the FBI has repeatedly confirmed that no evidence of a breach has been found at this time, the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee has continued its review,” a Senate intelligence committee spokesman said in a statement. “Until the committee’s review is complete, Director [James] Clapper will continue to brief the Senate Armed Services Committee daily.”

The committee has been working with the FBI since late August and had been expecting to continue that review with a second round of briefings this fall, but the investigation was abruptly halted after the New York Times published a story last Tuesday.

The FBI had previously identified the email hack attempt within weeks of the attack and said it was in some way related to the Russian government.

In an interview with the Times editorial board on Saturday, Wyden said that “at what point to us does it become something that, to me, starts to raise reasonable concern about Russia’s possible activities?”

The senator’s office has maintained that no Russian attempts to penetrate its email were discovered, yet the senator’s office issued a statement after the Times report that said: “The FBI’s role on the Senate committee’s Russia investigation is to assure Congress, the American people and the intelligence community that our cybersecurity operations are adequate to protect our sensitive information.”

Wyden’s office declined to comment to The Daily Beast.

A spokesman for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said in a statement that “the House Intelligence Committee and Chairman [Jim Sensenbrenner] remain focused and focused on the Russian intelligence activities that were targeted against our party, the House, and our country.”

A Democrat on the intelligence

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