Is peanut butter good for weight loss? – 7 Day Weight Loss Meal Prep Plan

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The answer is yes, even for some people.

Pancake Pancakes

Pancake pancakes are the ideal breakfast option. Pancake pancakes are simple, delicious, easy to make and you only need three ingredients (peanut butter, sugar, eggs or some other fat). The secret to pancake pancakes is the coconut flour, which gives them a rich and creamy texture. But that doesn’t mean they can’t get fatty. Don’t feel sorry for yourself! Just think about how many calories are in a one-cup serving: 180. When you look at those calories you may wonder how pancakes are still good for you. After all, your body can only absorb so much saturated fat from a single cup of pancakes!

But how much of that fat is good for you? Here are some nutritional facts to consider before you make your next pancake:

You’ll need about 7g of protein to make 1 large pancake, for a serving size of 1 pancake

1.8g fat – 2 calories per gram (about 50% saturated)

1g carbohydrate per serving (about 40% of calories)

One cup of pancake batter contains 1g of fiber (4 calories)

One cup of flour (4 calories)

The best thing for you about the coconut flour is that it gives a natural taste and texture to the pancake. This is the same as the taste you get from milk, cream, and cream cheese. Plus it’s made from plant-based sources like coconut. Coconut oil or butter is not considered a good fat because it can raise LDL cholesterol and increase blood sugar. Even when mixed with protein, the protein and cholesterol in those foods can raise LDL cholesterol and lower HDL cholesterol.

But what if you aren’t going to eat protein? Well, this is a good place to be! The protein in the coconut flour provides energy for the body to do its best work. Plus if you’re watching your diet, you’re not eating too much fat. In fact, it’s even better to eat fat than cholesterol. Fat is needed by your body to be processed, but cholesterol is a necessary by-product. With that in mind, consider adding a few tablespoons of coconut flour to your morning omelet, muffin or other healthy breakfast. Just remember to be sure about the amount of calories to avoid any unhealthy consequences.

Pancake Recipe: Quick and Easy Pancake Recipe

1/2 cup of flour

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