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Slim Fast is an excellent drug to reduce glucose levels. Studies have shown that it may help with:


Insulin resistance

Blood pressure

Muscle strength.

Slim Fast may even contribute to insulin sensitivity and fat loss.

If you have insulin resistance and diabetes you may be able to improve your quality of life by choosing Slim Fast instead of medications prescribed to treat these conditions. You will also feel better in the long run because your diet will be lighter and better for your health.

If you are on prescription medication and you are experiencing symptoms of insulin resistance, please see your healthcare provider. See our article about prescription medications.

Slim Fast is not perfect and there are some risks involved such as:

The use of large amounts of sugar.

The ability to regulate glucose levels.

The lack of benefit of fasting in the majority of people.

If you have diabetes, the risks of switching to the fasted form of insulin may outweigh the benefits and you will probably need to continue your regular insulin dosage. The benefits in this case would probably be the same as using regular insulin.

If you require insulin, you should still have regular contact with a doctor and should be in the know about your medicine’s long-term effects.

How Do I Choose Slim Fast?

Slim Fast is a fasted form of insulin.

The fasted form can have a shorter duration (7 days instead of 12), it is less expensive (a single injection costs an average of $0.18, not including the cost of additional injections), and it is generally less effective (less blood glucose control).

The brand name “SlimFast” is a generic form of this medication.

The name of the drug is “slimfast.”

The name of the product is “fasted insulin.”

How Long Does It Take To Cure Insulin Resistance?

If you are currently taking insulin, or have any symptoms of insulin resistance that are not due to a real problem, you will probably be able to stop taking the medication without losing your health.

The duration of the cure depends on the underlying illness and the effectiveness of Slim Fast if done correctly.

The cure should last approximately one week. Insulin treatment should be started every two weeks for an initial two weeks, which is considered a cure. If your doctor is unsure whether a cure is possible for you, he may

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