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Slim fast is a brand of fruit drinks made from glucose, an alcohol extracted from the sugar cane plant. Glucose is naturally occurring in fruit, fruit juices, and fruit-flavored syrup. However, sugar cane is a genetically engineered crop that has caused the introduction of a genetic mutation that produces a sugar-containing enzyme. This genetic mutation has led to the production of a compound called fructose, thereby making it difficult for fruit juices to digest. That is, they are rapidly converted to glucose, which is then excreted as uric acid, a waste product of digestion. Additionally, the enzyme has been shown to contribute an undesirable side effect: an increased consumption of uric acid. Although it is a common idea to avoid sugar in fruit juices, the fructose found in the drink is naturally produced, so you are likely to consume more if you indulge in it than if you aren’t. To make matters worse, it is possible to get enough fructose from other sources (such as fruits and vegetables) as well as natural forms of fructose such as fructose-containing polyols. If you’re willing to cut sugar in fruit juices, you’ll be better off sticking with fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

The Bottom Line: Slim Fast Is Not a Health Food
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According to the Dietary Guidelines, the amount of sugar you can eat or drink per day should be no greater than 25 percent of total calories or one can-sweetener snack in a day, whichever is greater.

Slim Fast Is a Natural Food

Although it’s not an entirely natural food, it contains no processed ingredients and is available for purchase as liquid or as concentrated as needed. It comes in two varieties: 1.7 percent, sugar-sweetened, and 1.7 percent, naturally sweetened. Slim Fast is available by volume only, a convenient convenience factor that eliminates the need to buy more than one drink per day or purchase specific flavors to make it taste different.

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Slim fast is a simple sugar-less drink that is low in calories and low in fat. You don’t need to eat anything else besides water, and although the drink contains little, if any, refined sugar, the liquid version has no added sugar. If you’re willing to cut sugar in fruit juices, a serving of sugar-free, calorie-free Slim Fast comes with no added sugar.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Try making your own,

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