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September 27, 2020 0 Comments


This is an important but confusing part of the process if you’re starting a new diet because it can have a very big impact on our weight. We’ve been here before and we won’t go there again. While the amount of fat in our body varies from person to person and depends on how we’re feeding our bodies, a common theme we hear from weight loss experts is that to get lean and healthy you don’t need to eat the same amount in the same ways. Rather than eating the same size portions and putting on a pound of fat in the exact same week, try eating a more diverse diet that contains lots of whole foods with lots of lean, whole-food products. In other words, it’s important to eat in ways that are unique to your body because even a small amount of dietary fat can have a big effect on our fat storage.

What doesn’t burn as much fat? Starch

We’ll start by talking about some of the best sources of fat that we could eat right now. This includes grains and beans, as well as fruits and vegetables. Starch is a fat that doesn’t digest quickly so it’s better suited for building up muscle cells when we’re eating a protein-rich meal.

As you’ll find out shortly, most people can’t eat all of that starch (about 90 percent of the starch you could eat) and so they tend to put it in the form of grains like wheat, corn and rice. Some people may consume a little bit or none of that but overall most people can’t eat whole grains regularly. This means that we are likely to keep taking in the nutrients in our grain-based foods that we don’t need.

The bottom line? Just because the starch in grains is called “grain” doesn’t mean it’s a good thing – it’s high in calories and has a strong, low glycemic index. When combined with proteins and fat, grains have a tendency to keep us full and to keep us satiated longer so we can eat more.

If you’re wondering how much carbs we should eat in order to lose weight, this is a great place to start. Some healthy options are whole-grain bread, bread crackers, porridge, cereal, brown rice (also considered whole grains), oatmeal, whole-grain crackers, and pasta sauces.

This is not to say that all carbs are bad. They can help our body absorb the nutrients in our food and aid our metabolism as well as

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