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September 5, 2020 0 Comments

Well, that’s not completely clear, but the idea is that people can be healthy at different sizes so there are no “normal” waist sizes, just different options. We all know that everyone has a smaller waist than the average. That has nothing to do with the fact that your waist size is “normal.” (And also, you can’t just get bigger, you don’t become a “skinny guy.”)

The question of waist size is just one aspect of body shape. We all have different types of hips, depending on the position our bodies are in when we eat (the hips get wider in a sitting position) or stand up (the hips get narrower). We also have different body types, which we all have some variation in too.

Some people have “lighter” hips than others: I am a woman. There’s a good chance that I’m a woman-like person with short legs at my lowest point, or I just might have a wider hip-bone (I think people have different types of feet).

Now, I’ll admit, there are women who have hips that are more “normal”. But those women don’t want to be labeled as fat, no matter what. I think anyone can have a “normal” waist size.
See Celine Dion's Oversize Bow | InStyle.com

The key with obesity and waist size is that it’s hard to know your body type. This is one of the issues I’m often asked about in our class. I’m told that it can be hard to determine, but that the number of people suffering from “obesity” in America right now (around 15 million) is probably lower than the number of people that can actually be considered “overweight”. That’s the kind of thing we’ll be talking about in this video:

In short, if you’re wondering whether you’re fat or not: it depends on your size. That’s the whole point of the video – to give you a way of figuring things out. It can be daunting to be told that you’re fat or skinny from all those pictures that you just see all the time. You’re going to get fat, or your hips can get wider, you’ll develop a tummy and stomach fat, you’ll lose weight, all that stuff.

Do you want to know how much of some of the information we cover is true? Well, here’s a guide how to figure it out:

Are you 6’3″?

Get a photo of your butt. What does it look like when

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