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There is a broad range of ways we might define rapid weight loss. For example, if you’ve lost 5 pounds in 4 weeks on one diet, that’s quick weight loss (though this is not a precise definition).

If you are already obese and have type 2 diabetes, the goal is generally to lose 10 percent of your body weight. In order to reach this percentage, the patient (usually you) would need to:

Keep a record of the amount of time elapsed during the past 8 weeks between weight loss.

Write up on a chart the difference in weights between before and after weigh-in.

Note the time elapsed between weigh-ins.

Do any food and meal replacements are needed?

Food and meal replacements have been shown to increase the rate of weight loss and decrease the rate of weight regain. The main problem with food and meal replacements is that they often require exercise for their effects. These effects are less than in a calorie-restricted meal replacement diet. This makes it hard to maintain a low intake of calories while maintaining a low caloric deficit.

How will my blood work be done?

Blood will be drawn every 4 weeks for up to 28 days, during which time the patient will be monitored for health. Blood tests will be performed for:

Coagulopathy (excess slow-moving protein in the blood)


COP (creatine phosphate)


Hormone values, blood glucose and other tests

During the last 2 weeks of the weight loss, blood will be drawn again and a fasting blood glucose/blood pressure test will be performed.

What are the most common side effects related to diet (diets) and weight loss?

There are many possible serious side effects related to diet and weight loss, but this should always be taken seriously. Even if a serious medical condition has been resolved, it can sometimes be reversed.



Hormone-related disorders


Kidney disease

Stomach flu

Kidney failure

In addition to these side effects, diet can cause some serious illnesses. Examples include:
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Heart attack

Blunt chest pain

Sudden, unexplained weakness of the heart muscle

Abdominal pain and hemorrhage

Severe liver problems

Possible effects when dieting


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