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What causes obesity?

Why this couple's weight loss journey has gone viral ...
What are the symptoms of obesity?

How is obesity diagnosed?

What to do if you’re overweight (obese)

When you’re overweight, your body mass index (BMI) increases, which is defined as the weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters. In other words, if you were 1 metre long, you’d weigh 80 kg.

If your BMI reaches 25.03 or more, you’re considered overweight.

When you lose weight, you can lose weight without feeling sick, but you may see changes to your skin or fat on your bones or organs. Your bones and organs are also less likely to take up new weight.

Although your weight will start to rebound after a period of weight loss, the body fat you have on top of them may make it difficult to regain the weight you lost. If you’ve lost more than 10% of your weight, you’re considered obese.

When you’re trying to keep overweight people off the streets, what are you likely to do to help them stop smoking? Read more about helping them stop smoking. Smoking prevention and control Your body might not have much time to change and will always be at risk when you smoke. However, it’s important to help your body change your behaviour so that your body stops eating when you don’t want to and starts consuming your energy when you do want to.

Tips to keep from smoking Stop smoking with the help of a smoking cessation plan, such as a quitline.

If possible, continue to exercise regularly.

Avoid being distracted. Speak to someone else for help when you decide to stop smoking.

If you’re going to have children, have them talk with a GP first. Your GP may be able to refer you to the local smoking cessation service. This will help you find a smoking cessation intervention, such as a quitline, and the right help to support them. Smoking cessation services You can use the Local Drug and Alcohol Helpline or your GP as part of your tobacco reduction plan to call the services above if you’re having trouble quitting. Keep your nicotine withdrawal symptoms to a minimum and follow a withdrawal plan.

If your nicotine withdrawal symptoms get worse when you stop smoking, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Keep asking for help if you feel like you need it.

Smoking is highly addictive. Talk to someone else for help if you need it – a GP or

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