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September 1, 2020 0 Comments

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The answer to that question is complicated because there is so much that gets missed in the research of the breakfast/lunch vs. dinner choice. For this article we are going to talk about the differences between the two with an emphasis on what goes “under the radar.” The good news is that our research indicates that there is much more than we think, and these studies are finding new ways that we should not only be eating, but also eating less.

As we begin to talk about breakfast and health in particular, we see a lot of health implications. A very common misconception is that it is “healthy” to eat breakfast and drink coffee. While there are some things that make us healthier, there are also many things that get in the way. This is why breakfast is a bit more complex than simply having one. It is important to be aware of many factors.

There is no denying that our brains are very hungry and need fuel for their higher cognitive functions. Our bodies have developed mechanisms and systems capable of providing sufficient energy, food, and other nutrients at those times. For humans, the amount of food (both macro and micro) you are eating at any given time is a critical measure of how quickly your brain functions. When we are asleep, the energy reserves we have in our body are depleted for all subsequent periods of sleep. When we wake up, our body will take in the energy that our bodies need in order to support our cognitive functions. However, while our bodies have evolved mechanisms to feed that energy we consume during sleeping, eating during sleep has yet to develop a sufficient supply and is only effective during the periods of slow thinking that are associated with the morning.

To make the most sense of what is happening to our body during our sleep, we need to understand two things. First, sleep is a very limited and rapid process. Even though it is often considered to be short-term, sleep is only about 10-15 minutes, and while it lasts, we are generally unaware of what is going on inside our bodies. Second, food has the capacity for many different functions. This means that when we are hungry, our bodies will respond by producing more food and producing insulin more than what is needed to support our body’s needs. Insulin is responsible for a number of functions, including preventing our blood sugar from becoming too low to support a full meal. This means that if the insulin production falls too low, the body will begin starving itself. Insulin in this scenario helps keep the body alive

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