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August 24, 2020 0 Comments

The first rule of dieting is to find the best time. You don’t have to stop eating at any time in one day. When you stop eating for 1 and 1/2 hours, you gain weight. If it takes 1 and 4 hours to cut, you will gain weight.

So stop eating when you are hungry. But not too late. It makes no sense to eat less when you have less energy. When you start the diet, you can eat more.

After spending a day in a Florida jail with his mother, a teenager who allegedly made racist remarks to a police officer became a Facebook sensation Thursday, with a number of online users praising him and his mom.

The teen had been jailed for failing to comply with authorities and his mother at an early morning traffic stop in Miami Beach on Sept. 29 when he allegedly cursed at the police officer, said Miami Beach Police spokeswoman Sgt. Laura Eimiller.

Police then handcuffed the teen and transferred him to the local sheriff’s office, where he was jailed overnight and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, Eimiller said.

His mother, Marisa Perez, posted a post on Facebook shortly after arrest in which she wrote that she has “nothing but love and gratitude” for the police and her son.

“The Miami Beach Police Department is incredibly hard-fought, and for any police officer who works every day, to be treated with such disrespect … it is disgusting,” she wrote.

Tired of waiting for the “Tiny” mod to make their way over to the main store? Well now it’s finally here.

A mod created by a user named “Zap”, that makes the “Tiny” game mod into a true mini-game. Players will be able to play the mini-game for about half an hour before being thrown into the main store and locked out of the game. After you escape, you and every other player will be able to play the mini-game again.

I’ve been waiting for years just to play this game with the same friends that grew up on the original, but unfortunately, they don’t exist. I’ve always fantasized about playing the same thing as everyone else, just for the sake of playing, and it finally came true on the 3DS.

The first things that caught my eye first would be the gorgeous pixelart that is easily one of the most stunning in a Zelda game. The graphics are beautiful, and the

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