What should I eat at dinner to lose weight? – 12 Week Weight Loss Meal Plan

August 15, 2020 0 Comments

It’s not important to “eat to lose weight” or “eat to put on weight” at dinner to lose weight. The first is not necessary and the second is not healthy if dieting is your main focus.

What’s important?

Eating healthfully at dinner is a great way to:

Keep your belly fat down to the point where it makes you look good, and

Maintain adequate water in your body.

Eat something that makes you feel good, such as:

Skipping pasta

Dinner entrees with veggies

Fish, salmon, tuna, filet mignon, or other seafood

Whole grains


Dairy products

You’ll find a lot of recipes on the Internet that may fit your taste, but the one that will get you through the rest of dinner is the one you’ll like the best.

What about a “normal” dinner at home?

I think it is important to have one at home. It isn’t a big deal, only about $40 and you can change the veggies, breads, and soups in advance. You’d be surprised how well it will feel in the evening to eat this for dinner because it is full of vegetables and whole food proteins. I also like the option of having a salad with meat.

As long as the veggies are well-suited for your diet, it is often easier to eat this dinner on the go on the walk to work or home.

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