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It doesn’t matter. Just count the notes on your instrument and you should have a pretty good idea of what chords you can play. If you’re looking for chords for your guitar at the moment, here is a list of some of the commonly played licks on guitar, by guitarist.

I’d suggest you search our library of guitar lessons for more guitar lessons, or try to take a look at our guitar lessons on guitar by chord, using chords from around the world! Feel free to use these ideas to improve your own playing!

If some new rumors are to be believed, the upcoming PS4’s Remote Play functionality, which lets players play games that were played via the console the other way around, will not support PS3 games. The PS3 has had Remote Play support on the PS4 since launch, so it stands to reason that it would function the same way if Sony is planning to make improvements here.

On a Reddit thread discussing Sony Online Entertainment’s The Division, a popular third-person shooter on the PS3, Sony Support’s Mark Reinhardt was asked whether or not PS3 games will work with Remote Play to The Division on the PS4.

“Yes, Remote Play will still work on the PS3 as long as your controller and remote have support,” he wrote, adding that “there have been issues with the PS4 controller and it is not a perfect solution” that would support all PS3 features. “The PS3 support does work and I’ve seen the results of that in games like Assassin’s Creed Unity. The PS4 support of this is a lot less robust because of the PS3 controller.”

What are your thoughts? Is Sony still planning to introduce a Remote Play-based version of The Division to the PS4?

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