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No, no I don’t. I’ve never had a problem. I’ve never been fat or skinny.

You can be fat or skinny. That’s the difference.

But there isn’t a difference in my dance work. There isn’t ever a problem with that at all.

So what’s your idea of a good time?

A good time is, of course, when the kids are in the playground and the neighborhood has gone crazy. There can be so many times when I feel great with my friends.

When do you start? Are you a gym-goer?

I am a gym-goer, but I don’t spend hours on the elliptical machine because I don’t have to. I don’t sit in the corner watching TV so many times.

If you feel like you have time to just chill and be with your friends, you shouldn’t go to the gym or take a few classes. I don’t have time for that.

How often do kids come into the studio?

I never get kids that I know I don’t know are going to come in. I try to make it more like a family than an entertainment business. I don’t ever say “Don’t come in unless you want to work.”

I’ve seen your kids play, but they do seem young to learn this stuff, right? Where do they usually come up with all their ideas?

They are a creative family. As soon as you show them a pattern, they see a way around it. When we have a lot of people coming into the studio, we need to be able to teach and explain because they know about things.

But some kid says to you, “No, just keep doing what works. Why do you want to change it?” Do you have to say that first?

No, when someone has a problem with something, it’s always, like, okay, how do you fix that? I think the trick is to tell them that because they can go to a gym and learn that same stuff.

Have you found that kids come in when you are having a hard time?

Actually, it depends on what you are doing. You have to be careful not to interrupt. Don’t interrupt, don’t interrupt, I’m sorry, I’m not listening anymore. You know what? We don’t interrupt unless they interrupt.
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