What is the dance called when you move your feet? – Belly Dancing Lessons For Beginners Part 1

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Kagura, like the Japanese word for horse [sugi] also refers to a single step. The dance is called [sugi] kirifuku. It is done with the upper body in a horse (horse kira) stance. If you are feeling dizzy, then do not perform this dance. Also, the person should not put his or her face to the front of the horse’s mane/body that is tied with an outer yoke.

2- Dancing in the Square

Kagura (kigura), which is the formal name of the dance is done when one moves the feet along the square pattern and then dances the opposite side to the dance of the person facing the same way. You should not dance to a single foot. When one moves the foot and then the head and shoulders towards the other, it is called iku. The steps are done by keeping the whole body relaxed and does not take any effort. If you feel nauseous, leave the venue.

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This is a dance with more than 150 steps. For the sake of clarity, the step length is 150% of the distance up the step. So the steps will be 160% of the distance up the step. For example for a 3 foot step you can complete in 5-6 steps.

You should perform every step with no obstruction or delay but, if you feel nauseous, move your body. Also, if there are some people who are blocking your way, then don’t go near them. Also, don’t dance to music that you don’t like from the sound of your koto.

Dance Steps

Gomagashi-ka (Gomagashi/Gomato)

This is the dance which starts with the stepping on a stone and moving the feet to the left (i.e., the left side) and then the right side (i.e., the right side). There is no interruption when the step is completed.


You repeat the same steps as above, but in a different way. Start with a turning of your foot towards the left (again, the left side) and then proceed by turning up a step. This way you repeat the same steps two or three times.

This also works for turning your right foot backwards.


Do the same as above, but to

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