Is belly dancing bad for your back? – Belly Dancing Songs From Tiktok

September 5, 2020 0 Comments

I asked in an e-mail to WSBTV , and had to check with a doctor.

“My advice to anyone looking to get hurt while doing belly dancing is to not do it,” said doctor William Bladt from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “It’s not a safe activity, and the likelihood of sustaining serious injuries is likely to be greater by doing it improperly.”

The World Federation of Sports Kinesiology says “it is the opinion of the American Academy of Sports Medicine that belly dance is not suitable for athletes and does not improve athletic performance.”

Bladt says the risk of injury when doing a belly dance is higher than at any other time of the day because the muscles do not contract properly.

Dr. Brian T. McDaniel , medical director of WSBTV’s health and fitness unit, said there’s no harm in doing an exercise when you have time in your busy day.

“No, really, no there is not. We think it is great to have your energy and your energy will usually carry through,” he said.

A recent study found that in some cases, belly dancing causes the heart to beat faster than normal during exercise and puts on more fat.

An anti-corruption campaigner says he will leave the Labour Party if David Cameron is re-elected for a second term as Prime Minister.

The London mayor Sadiq Khan, who recently said he would campaign to oust Mr Cameron, has told ITV that he would go to the ballot box if he wants to oust him.

“A lot of really decent people feel this way. I’ll vote Labour if I can vote for me to keep David Cameron in No 10,” Mr Khan told ITV’s Peston on Sunday.

“I think the UK needs a new Prime Minister, and I want to work with Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson [of the shadow cabinet].

“If we have a deal with the Conservatives, Labour will get a bad deal from them, but I will stand by my principles.”

Answering an ITV question about voting with the Conservatives, Mr Khan replied: “I think I can get the best result.”

Mr Khan, who has a long history of campaigning, has had a long-time relationship with Mr Corbyn, who is one of his mayoral rivals in next year’s election.

The shadow home secretary will run the campaign to stop cuts to London’s £12bn budget, as well as to oppose plans

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