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Yes,” he asks. “You don’t hear that kind of thing in the West.” He adds: “You don’t hear that kind of language among the Christians — or Jews.”

There is an important difference, he adds. “In Islamic countries the women are dressed modestly; Western countries do not think about that.” There is no sense in which these cultures have a tradition of dress as Westerners would say it, and many say, “It’s not really about clothing.” The fact is that Islamic culture is steeped in tradition: “When you get over it, it’s like trying to get over rain,” he says.

“As long as you’re in the West, it doesn’t matter,” says Salim Muhammed. “If you don’t know what dress is, it’s not part of Islam,” he continues, pointing out that the Islamic dress code is more than just a way to cover your body: Muslim women do not need to cover their hair, their arms, their legs or even their upper arms.

And so, he says, women often wear a robe to cover their body. For his part, Salim Muhammad also says that the women in those communities don’t wear a veil at all. “Women are free to do as she pleases,” he says. “That includes wearing a hijab or turban, or a black headscarf. It’s more of a personal choice than a religious one. We never force women to wear veils because we have more conservative Muslim customs.”
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Mohammed is a different person to me, in that the way he pronounces this has changed over the years. I ask Mohamed what he thinks of this idea that women don’t wear veils: “I don’t get it,” he says, looking at me seriously. “How do you believe that? It’s not fair…Why? Why should I take a veil and wear myself like a slave?” He shakes his head. “Women shouldn’t live like that.”

I tell him that I do not know about their practices. I try to explain about their history, and why I say this is not part of our history. I point out that Muslims are not living in a Middle Eastern world.

He looks at me like I was speaking in some Arab dialect. “This is not part of your civilization,” he says. “This is not part of Islam. It doesn’t mean anything.”

A woman at a nearby table interrupts him: “That

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